The objective method to characterize cell phone cameras.
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Blackberry KEYone

Blackberry keyone frei klein

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The current VCX Score refers to the image quality of the rear (main) camera in photo mode. All devices are tested in auto mode using the default camera application and setting in order to reflect the normal use of an average consumer. The image quality is evaluated for five different use cases "Bright" at 1000 lux, "Medium" at 250 lux, "Low" at 63 lux, "Flash" at 63 lux with the flash activated and "Zoom" at 1000 lux with 4x digital zoom (if available), covering the most important aspects.

More information about the VCX score is provided in about vcx.

Note: Given scores may be subject to change due to continuous improvements of applied measurement technologies, calibration and formulae. Changes will be applied to all devices in the same way.

* Note on shooting information:

The values in brackets, e.g. [ISO 250 - f/1.7 - 1/25s], show the camera settings that were selected by the device in auto mode. The values were extracted from the exif data of the images, which were taken and analyzed to create the VCX score. ISO 250 refers to the sensitivity of the image sensor, f/1.7 is the aperture number and 1/25s indicates the shutter speed (exposure time).

Image quality comparison