Test your camera system


Professional image quality measurement
- brought to your home.

What you can do with lensTESTER:

  • Check if your new lenses meet your quality expectations
  • Test your old optics for compatibility with modern high MP cameras
  • Always know if your lenses are in good condition and
    keep track of possible decreases in quality over time/usage
  • Learn at which settings your gear performs best and how to get the most out of your photos
  • Compare lens performances with each other
  • Test if certain camera settings have impact on overall image quality

Three easy steps is all it takes

1 Mount the chart

Inside your living room, office or in whatever suitable place you like.

2 Take test images

Choose from predefined measurement types and take the according test shots.

3 Use fully automatic analysis

Upload your images to the web browser based online analysis tool. No additional software needed.

Get understandable results

View the measurement results graphically and numerically in an easy to understand way on any device.

How it works

Test chart and online analysis tool

Part 1: The test chart

The easy to mount high quality poster with the extra high resolution Siemens stars is all you need for professional measurements.

Chart details

High quality test chart poster

Mount the poster horizontally or vertically, anywhere you like.

Siemens stars
supporting resolutions up to 70MP

Place the five Siemens stars and the slanted edges with the included velcro strips at their destination and you are all set.

Elements for visual evaluation

Different structures, textures and skin tones for visual image quality assessment.

Part 2: Fully automated analysis

Upload your test images and have them analyzed almost instantly*. Review measurements on your notebook, desktop, tablet or even mobile phone from any location.

Web application

Pre defined test scenarios image

Predefined test scenarios

Select one of the given measurement types or simply use the sandbox mode to evaluate individual images.

Guided tests and upload image

Guided tests and upload

The guided upload pre-checks your images for correct settings and alignment.

Results overview image

Results overview

View all relevant measurement data in a user friendly graphical overview.

Image details image

Image details

See additional details for every image inside a measurement.

*Upload and analysis duration depend on your present internet connection speed.

workflow example

Start testing your camera system now!

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or have a look at the analysis tool first

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username: demo
password: demodemo

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