lensTESTER update

As of today, we offer memberships for the newly updated lensTESTER test area in our shop.

Annual memberships

Select multiple measurementsOur memberships will offer many advantages in the test area of the lensTESTER. Both premium and business members benefit from an expanded result representation, as well as a comparison function.

In contrast to the free standard membership, several measurement series of a measurement type can be viewed within one graphic display. So, it is possible to view multiple test results at a glance.

multiple measurements plot

Moreover, a comparison function is available for premium and business members that allows to compare the results of a camera-lens combination with another combination. Thereby, the comparison function refers to a certain measurement type, for example an aperture, ISO or AF series. Thus, the resolution of two lenses with different f-stops can be compared among other things.

compare module

With the launch of the memberships, the MTF view is now only reserved for Premium- and Business members. Also, a comparability with the lensTESTER database is planned for the future. Once enough results exist that allow a meaningful statistic average, this should be available.

The premium membership is suitable for the private use of single users. Business memberships are ideal for groups such as photo clubs or schools, because there is no device limitation. Also, a restricted commercial usage is possible for Business members.

The duration of a membership is one year, starting with the acquisition of the membership (see Terms and Conditions.

The premium membership is available in our shop for an annual subscription of €29.90 (incl. 19% Tax) and the business membership for an annual price of €199.00 (incl. 19% Tax).

Improved lensTESTER test area

lensTESTER test area has received some improvements for the benefit of a better and more flexible usability. Now TIFF images (8 bit/16 bit) can be uploaded and evaluated and test images within a measurement series can be added or deleted. Further optimizations affect the user interface and the pre-check.

Evaluation of TIFF images

The online-based analysis is expanded by the evaluation of 8Bit-and 16Bit-Tiff recordings. Now, RAW developed or camera internal generated TIFF images can be uploaded, analyzed and evaluated.

tif upload

Improved user interface

For an easier and clearer assignment of measurement series, the test area has received a little facelift. So far, the individual measurements of a device combination were listed under the item "Measurements". In favor of a clearer division, now the different measurement types are listed at this point.

The new interface is clearly arranged, so data can be created and found faster. Each measurement type offers the option to create appropriate measurements, which are then deposited in this.

new interface

Deleting and adding within measurements

Users receive more options when it comes to the administration of their test area. In addition to deleting single measurement series, now complete device combinations can be deleted, too.

Also incorrectly selected images can be removed after analysis and may be replaced by uploading other test images. Each measuring series can still contain a maximum of 20 test images.

image deleteimage add

Optimized pre-check

In reference to the pre-check, we have optimized the test image recognition. Checking, whether the image is a recording of the test image works even more efficient now.
Additionally, images that do not have the correct orientation, will be rotated automatically *.

*Automatic rotation does not apply to black and white shots. Please ensure here that your test image are in correct orientation.



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