New article "Camera display"

Camera displays with a high resolution promise a good picture reproduction. But the pixel count alone is not decisive for it, how detailed we perceive a monitor image. In our article "camera display" we explain, why also the display size, the viewing distance and our eyes take influence.

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VCX Score Update Version 1.5

We are pleased to introduce the VCX Score Update Version 1.5

In order to reflect the user experience better and to make the score of the different shooting condition better comparable and more intuitive, the VCX score was revised and has been updated as of 22.12.2016. The update leads to a lower score for all devices compared to version 1.0. As technologies are constantly improving, this also enables keeping the VCX score valid for a longer period of time.

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International shipping now cheaper

We have reduced the international shipping costs that will occur when ordering the test chart. When delivering one lensTESTER to an address outside of Germany (for example: United States), shipping costs are about 10 Euro*. Shipment is still insured.

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Visit us at photokina in Cologne

From September 20 to 25, 2016, Cologne is once again the center of the imaging world. Professionals, distributors and photographers come here to inform themselves about new products. Manufacturers, imaging experts and developers exchange ideas about exciting technologies. The team at Image Engineering invites you to visit us in Hall 4.1, Stand J038. Come and discuss the latest developments with our engineers and find out more about our products and services.

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Meet lensTESTER.

Test your camera with this one of a kind test chart and analysis tool.

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VCX Score

The objective and comprehensive score for mobile devices

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